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  1. Still not working going to try logging on a different character It does work on my other character, however it does not regenerate on my main char still
  2. Bug Name: Sidequests not regenerating Brief Description: Sidequests not regenerating Reproduction steps: I tried relogging, reloading, moving zones, killing different mobs, relaunching the game.exe, killing another different mob, and reloading again Additional info: Pictures: no pics, will relog and see if its fixed tomorrow
  3. Here are a few side quests I came up with for the 1-10 range, Ill be working on some ideas for the main story line soon as well, I'm thinking that robbers will be the main tie in, maybe a Defias type chain for the 1-10 zone, with a few twists of course 1-10 quests Snake Infestation!/ Kill 30 Snakes Retrieve Book from Robbers!/ Go get a book from robbers (low drop or actual items you pick up, could even come in pages that need to be put together like STV) Take Care of Timbermaw / Large wolf outside Konoha Boss type mob Grandma’s Cooking / Collect 10 walnuts (ground spawn item) and 5 bear meat Sneak into the Dark Forest / Sneak into the dark forest and kill 10 moths, be careful though! Lady on the road / defend a lady on the road from robbers (actually thinking this might be the intro the the main questline I come up with, not 100% yet) Water Walking! / go meet the water walking trainer LOST NECKLACE / swim to the bottom of the lake and retrieve the necklace The great mountain / climb to the top of the mountain near Konoha
  4. FEEL FREE TO ADD/DROP ANYTHING YOU FEEL WOULD ADD TO THE QUEST ALSO FEEL FREE TO SPIN THIS HOW EVER YOU WANT Levels 1-5 Konoha letter writer (filler / side quest) This quest chain will begin with an NPC, let’s call her Mary The quest will task the player to go collect Mary’s mail (explaining where mailbox is located) this could be mail the player receives or just an item near the mailbox After returning to Mary the player completes the quest, she will offer the next The next quest explains that Mary received a strange letter, the player will receive the strange letter and be tasked with taking it to a guard at the front gate The guard will look at the strange letter and tell you he can’t do anything about it, and to take it back to Mary After returning Mary explains that someone was creeping around her house (or area) and that she needs you to go investigate After looking around for a bit you should find a dead animal (maybe a dog or a cat) this offers you the new quest of going back to Mary After the player returns the next quest should relay that Mary received another strange letter This time the letter threatens Mary saying that if she doesn’t let everyone knew her secret that someone around her would be “hurt” This freaks Mary out a bit and she will task the player to go and talk to the Hokage about what’s going on The player will then go to the hokage and tell him what’s going on with Mary The Hokage will ask the player if he knows anything to which the player responds no The Hokage will then task the player with going and protecting Mary, this will be the final event of the chain The player goes back to Mary’s house and upon turning in the quest and taking the next one an NPC will spawn “The writer” After you take down the writer you speak to Mary again and she gives you the final quest rewards
  5. I'm not sure if this topic has been covered by anyone else but I felt like it was a solid idea so I'm making a post about it A few levels ago when I levelled up i noticed the message "you gained 1 talent point" and it really got me thinking about a talent system for SS It took me a bit of thinking on the subject to come up with the ideas of 3 different talent trees these being Genjutsu Ninjutsu and either medical ninjutsu or taijutsu, I'm not sure on the plans for these different Justus and they could just complement the Skill points board that's currently in place, these wouldn't have to be anything to crazy but it might just be fun to spend some talent points upon levelling, imo it was one of the better points of the levelling system that was in wow. knowing that their are 40 levels the talent trees wouldn't have to be as big as the talent trees in OG wow, I could see there being balancing issues that would need to be addressed for sure, but these trees would just be there as a bonus to the masteries already in the game, Ive spent hundreds of hours contemplating different skill trees and specs in wow and would be more than happy to make a mock skill tree if this picks up any traction thanks skid
  6. been meaning to post this for a few days, just remembered to, they don't stack with each other, not a big deal, but still a bug
  7. First off, this is just an idea I had based off of the shifting sands quest chain in classic wow, please take this and spin it however you want in the game if you do decide to use it. I want this quest to symbolize the growth of the player character from a noob to someone who can hold their own, I feel like a globetrotter adventure is the best way to do it Id like to explain the core of the quest before i actually go into what the quest should be about, I wanted this quest to be hard to do, not just time consuming, I think this quest should be about showing the players gain in powers, and should not be able to be completed by genin and most chunin. Beginning, 1 The quest starts in a random building somewhere in the world, where an old man named Sloth wants you to go out and figure out what is going on with the trees in his area The text is meant to be vague, after all this is a large scale quest After you leave sloths hut you don't really notice anything out of the ordinary, all the trees are completely normal looking for some time you should notice a small opening in one of the trees that leads to the next part of the quest, this should be a pretty good distance away from the hut the first thing you do when you interact with the tree is stick your arm in the hole, after you do, nothing happens, and you are given 200xp or some lame reward this seems to have all been for nothing, since the tree didn't give you a quest back and you are just stuck in the middle of nowhere for no reason After doing this "quest line" unknowingly you unlock the next part of the much bigger chain, as you start running back to town you start to see more and more of the same holes that you interacted with earlier only they are getting bigger in the trees and the trees are starting to take a much more sinister look to them unknowing to the player in the middle of Konoha (or the town closest to the NPC) there is a tree which is all black, this is supposed to be the hook of the quest chain its supposed to show the player that something is going on, and nobody has noticed it until now, everyone just thought that the black tree was completely normal (while writing the first draft of this quest I realized that players are typically not paying much attention, it may be beneficial to make quests along the way that show the corruption and explain how its gone unnoticed by the population of the town and end up putting the player in a position of well what are we supposed to do kind of feeling) after getting back to town and completing the steps the player should just be left there, to their own devices ~after some time, and exploring~ 2 The player should come across an old wise man on top of a mountain somewhere The wise mans name is Samuel Samuel seems powerful and just by looking at him the player is ~shook~ Samuel knows what is going on with the trees and is the only one, only he really is not interested in the players help, he wants to fix it on his own so Samuel pretty much ignores the player, sending them on menial tasks like getting him food, a trinket from his dead wife, and lastly a barrel of (insert liqour name) finally the player will become fed up with literally running around the world looking for liquor and become fed up with it the player snaps at Samuel " I KNOW ABOUT THE TREES OLD MAN!" Samuel looks at the player with a glaring eye I ran into several weird trees a while back and haven't really known what to do or even if they were bad to begin with Samuel sits thinking for a second "do you know about the other things? the things that go bump in the night?" the player looks at Samuel, confused what other things?? Samuel tells the player they had better sit down, they have a lot to learn about what's actually going on Samuel explains that there is something dark that lives in the trees during the day and only come out at night the things that come out of the trees, you cant see it with normal eyes, not even the sharingan or bakugan can pick them up, they are something else these things are the things that cause chaos and grief in the world and they are coming out in droves the dark ones cannot be fought by normal means and need several different things in order to even see them, much less destroy them the player cuts in* "so they can be destroyed" Samuel says, yes they can, but at a cost the player ask what cost Samuel explains that when you destroy the dark ones you have to destroy a part of yourself or they will come back (this isn't anything major, they just explode when they die, they also regen life the whole time they are alive so its a DPS check to kill each one) Samuel explains that you need the lightening essence of gorillas, located in the forest of death, 5% drop, need 200 to complete the quest (completing this quest gives 1500 rep AND/OR 5 gold Kobans) Now that we can see them, we can fight them... Samuel says with a smile the player, now committed for some time to the cause smiles back Samuel also tells the player that the dark ones must be killed as fast as possible, some form of magic or medical jutsu makes them regen health ~3~ this opens with a new quest, a quest for reinforcements, this quest with require the player to go to every town to attempt to warn the inhabitants of what's actually going on around them, and that the corruption is spreading, fast most of the towns realize that you are telling the truth except for Notchi City, and Konoha. the lord of notchi city wants you to do something for him first, first he wants you to PROVE to him that you are telling the truth for this quest you will have to get 20 gold kobans to bribe him into believing you (this will be a pain in the ass) if Gold kobans are made easier to get, make the number 50 the lord of Konoha/Hokage believes you but cant spare the man power, they are already to stocked full from their regular missions, for this you will have to complete some missions established by the Hokage 2 B rank missions should suffice the missions will include a visit to Port Hachou and a meeting with a naval officer there to deliver a valuable officers sword and the second mission will be a quest to kill 200 robbers/bandits to make sure Konoha is safe while several shinobi are gone after this you must go back to Samuel and tell him the towns are on your side and will help with what ever we need right at this point you are attacked by something you cannot yet see, Samuel throws a ~free~ bottle of energy to you so you can see what is going on, this is your first encounter with the dark ones, you activate the bottle and kill the dark figure. after some inspection, it was sloth, he was taken by the dark after the player explains to Samuel what just happened, Samuel looks panicked and realizes they need to get the hell out of there for now, and also gives the player another quest (once this quest is complete it unlocks the ability to buy condensed energy from Samuel) (condensed energy gives the ability to see the dark ones) Samuel explains to the player that the shards that they are about to go retrieve from the dark ones will be used to open a box, this box will contain a necklace that the player can equip (or really what ever item you guys see fit, just some kind of cool reward for making it this far) the new quest given is to go out and kill darks ones for key shards, the key shards will be used later in the chain the pieces of the key are a Red, blue, and green shard, that will combine together in order to form the key. shards should drop from any dark one at around a .5% rate, unique so there are not more than one once the chest has been opened the item inside will presumably be pretty powerful Samuel says, this will help you in order to fight the dark ones ~player~ maybe this necklace just gives the power to see them without the condensed energy, or maybe it just gives good stats, maybe both what ever item is decided it will be important to beat the big bad soon now that you have your powerful item its time to assemble your team and go out to find the root cause of the problem, you go back to Samuel after creating the key and opening the box, and notice something off about him he is acting strange, nothing to out of the ordinary, but there is definitely something up Samuel tells you to go get him some food, mirroring the first quest he gave you as if he forgot all about it so the player does this, maybe the old man is just hungry when the player returns Samuel asks for the player to go get his wife's old trinket, to which you tell him you already did that, and he says ah yes, of course. then Samuel asks for his barrel of liquor again to this the player asks what the hell is going on here which Samuel looks frightened at first then a sinister smile grows across his face ... Samuel is one of them the player and Samuel fight, to which the player should win and sam should be on his deathbed but returns to himself for the last few moments Sam tells the player that they should not give up on the fight and to get pay back for what they did to him, and to take this memento to remember him by (memento is his wife's trinket, nothing special, just a keepsake) Sam dies the player, not having a quest now, similar to the second act of the quest chain is helpless to wonder around thinking that killing Sam must be the end of the chain but its not the player should come across an NPC who seems to be a kid, who is fed up with his crops rotting away for no reason, id put this part around Port Hachou or on the way to the port the kid says that for months the crops have been dying and rotting away for no reason at all, or at least no reason he could tell the kid says to the player, why do all of these things have to happen to me? as the player looks around they notice that pretty much everyone is having the same problem the player responds, i don't think its just you kid, look around (as farmers burn away the rotting crops they have) the kid says "yea i guess that true ~and starts working again~ after this a quest marker pops above the kids head ~A NEW ADVENTURE, MY OWN ADVENTRUE~ 4 the quest starts by the player asking the kid what he wants to be when he grows up the kid answers, i wanna be the greatest fisherman there ever was the player remarks "don't you think you are in the wrong profession for that" the kid laughs and says probably, but a kid can wish right the player thinks about what the kid said for a second, "wait where are your parents?" gone the kid says without much thought oh, the player feels like they should have known better the player then says, "well what are your theories on what's going around here" the kid says i don't need no theories, its demons. demons? asks the player the kids states yup matter of factly, demons took my parents, now they are taking our crops too the player asks the kid what they mean by demons the kid says that they are quite literally demons who show up in the middle of the night to terrorize, now that the farmers out here arnt scared by them to much anymore they have decided to start destroying our crops the player stays quiet for a second the player then asks the kid what he would do if he knew a way to stop them the kid replies instantly, Id kill every last one of them, without hesitation the player then asks the kid if he will help him with new adventure, my own adventure. this final act of the chain starts with a quest to find the cause of the corruption in the farmers crops, this will lead to you going into a cave and fighting a large dark monster, one that you've never seen before after this monster is defeated, you find the seeds the farmers were supposed to be using had been switched with poisoned seeds, and that all of the normal seeds were fine the player will go back to the boy and explain what he learned, to which the boy will tell the other farmers what happened too, short and sweet, not the player will get another quest from the boy asking to check on the lady down the road after going down the road a ways the player will see an abandoned looking house with blood and decay everywhere, nobody's lived here for a while the player will think upon entering the house the player will see strange paintings on the walls in blood and begin to get a little creeped out. the player should find a book on the ground with the title "the dark ones" but everything else is in another language after going back to the boy the player learns that the woman who lived there hasn't been seen in almost 6 months (around the time all of this started happening the player will think) the player will also learn that the woman's name is Mary and she was always a bit odd, but when her husband died she lost it for some reason this reminds the player of Samuel, who presumably has been dead for some time now the player then will ask well what does this have anything to do with me? to the kid the kid says, all of this started happening around the time the woman went missing! "wait the woman's been missing this whole time? why did you have me go to her house then?" "i don't know i figured you could see something nobody else could maybe" "BOY, I SHOULD BEA---" a sharp crash happens over the hill from you what the hell was that, the player asks i don't know the boy responds, maybe you should go check it out the player will accept the quest and go take a look around after going over the hill the player can see that a tree has been broken in half by something not natural, what ever did this it was not good ~this is the first time the player is going to meet the big bad guy~ the player goes to inspect the tree and doesn't see anything or anyone around until he beings to hear a whisper the whisper says "go" "go" "go" and continues to get louder until hears "GO AND NEVER RETURN TO THIS PLACE" the player is unflinching at this trickery the voice says if you do not go it will be the end the player responds with a laugh, ive heard tougher voices coming out of butt than what you sound like as a mist begins to form, the player readies the voice says that the player shouldn't threated what he does not know the player responds again with another laugh as the dark being forms the player is reminded again of Samuel and what happened to him the form is whole and begins to speak, what is it that you do not fear me? the player asks why are you talking like that the figure chuckles and says i like you ~player~ the player remarks well i don't like you the figure says to the player, I will be your beginning and your end. the player looks at the figure ... the player responds you really shouldn't threaten what you do not know the player readies their weapons and gets ready for a fight and the figure vanishes, and the tree that was once destroyed is repaired anew again the player then goes back to the kid to relay what happened to him the kids response is that they should get some help, and the players response to this is that they do not need anymore help, the last time he tried to get help it got someone important to him killed he had to do this on his own the kid says well it really does sound like you are outmatched here dude to which the player responds no, I'm going to end this... today. the player is tasked to go back to the house of the widow, to look for more clues he notices a hatch under a rug this time around in the cellar there are books about the underworld and devils and demons among this he finds a necklace identical to the one he gained earlier from Sam you holds the necklace in the light, its the exact same (i plan on adding more to this, any feed back would be appreciated also this is my first quest ever, so yea) (also for anyone else reading please feel free to add your ideas to this aswell)
  8. I dont know, it could add a bit of flavor if there are rivalries or bounties out for someone, the map is huge and is only going to get bigger, I could see an argument for both sides here. on one hand it would be impossible to find someone you are looking for, but on the other its kind of realistic and my spur player interaction, maybe once there are more zones (earth, water etc..) it would be good to do /who and see what land a person is in at the time. I pretty much agree 100% it shouldn't show the exact town name that you are in, or at least cant think of a counter point to it
  9. id like to note that the only form of measurement I could come up with was jumping, so this map is by no means to scale or perfect in any way, this will just help you know which road to take to get the which town, Im currently working out a way to map tanzaku town and the fire temple, just havent got there yet, will update soon
  10. Not that you guys aren't doing an amazing job w the server but it might be beneficial to add a list of currently planned ideas or really anything being added in the future to this forum. I personally think it would be a good idea because its kinda up in the air what is planned and it might just be cool to see the ideas you guys have in store, and also the much bigger reason, it may give players a way to expand on current plans before they are implemented, however I can see the downside of creating a list of "suprises" I think it would be cool to see the community come together and talk about the planned content. also it would hopefully get rid of posts like "add genjutsu" thanks skid side note~ after posting this it dawned on me there might already be a post like this out there and if there is pin it pls
  11. Personally, I think that there should be some kind of safeguard for new characters, 10 seems a little much, maybe level 3 or 5 would be a bit more balanced. Also, when more content is added this may not be needed anymore, right now all there really is to do in the "end game" is to kill level 5s or grind extra stuff you (might) need in the future and I am sure that this is 80% of the reason people are killing low levels as soon as the leave the village. Would it happen even if there was content, sure, but probably not even enough to be noticed.
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