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  1. Indeed, or simply make the C-rank boxes and D-rank boxes a personal loot for every participant in the battle (individual loot).
  2. In addition to that guys, I would like to also suggest adding extra mobs that drop D/C-rank slips. Currently, players tend to group-farm the respective rank boss, and I believe Shinobi Story is not aiming at players afking near a boss that's about to respawn so that they can kill it. I saw Vlad saying that Chunin's meant to be easily accessible, on the contrary - Jounin isn't. Well, if that's the thing and I understood him right, why not spawn a few more creatures that can occasionally drop C/D-rank slips, as such, there won't be players sitting /afk near the bosses.
  3. Hello, I hope that this post finds you all well. While browsing through the game, I noticed there's a way to convert D-rank slips into C-rank slips, but there is no way to convert A-rank slips and B-rank slips into lower-ranked slips. Why is this important? In my opinion, when one does a mission of higher difficulty, they ought to be able to convert it to slip of a mission that's of a lesser difficulty, and not the other way around. If the A-rank slips can be converted to D/C rank ones, it would not only make more sense, but open a new wave of opportunities for the players and further incentivize the player interaction while questing. Thank you for the time put into reading this. Have a great day/night! Best regards, Lex/Aomine
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