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    Steam support

    I personally would never enter my account information for any of my accounts on any other website except the official websites where said account is registered. You can be absolutely sure that people will do basically anything to try and steal your accounts from you, including offer free in-game services or goods, if they're asking for your login, it's a scam.
  2. I often say to Vlad that our team has at least one person who specialises in each aspect of wow modding that is needed to create a successful project, and the quality of content that is being developed is professional-grade stuff. I truly cannot wait to see the feedback we receive after we've worked so hard to give the entire community this game.
  3. This is something that's actually going to be quite touch and go, since we can't have people starting their characters at end-game level ?. In all seriousness though, between 16-22 is probably the sweet spot, as you're not going to be allowed to start a character that already for example has a three-tomoe sharingan, so be mindful of this when creating your character!
  4. While the boundaries of what you can and can't put in your characters profile in relation to what they have/haven't done and what abilities they have/haven't obtained is a rather grey area, for now I'd advise against doing it.
  5. As I'm sure many of you have noticed, the forums theme changed earlier today. We took our old theme and tweaked it some more, added some things and we'd like to get some feedback whether or not you look it better now, or if you preferred the original theme. Happy polling.
  6. This is literally one of the biggest mistakes you can make in RP. Please don't try to imitate anyone from the series, it's unoriginal and frowned upon, trust me... I'm speaking from experience. What you end up with is a character that you have no idea how to react on in certain situations, nor what they would be really feeling while stuff is happening in their life, and that can make trying to RP them pretty difficult. If you're unable to be creative while creating your character, people won't hold very high hopes of your level of RP, members of the Uchiha clan are what a lot of people's profile pictures are already, and I can see exactly how it's going to go, everyone's gonna try and be either madara, itachi or sasuke and it's just not going to happen. For starters, the Mangekyo sharingan is going to be very very rare, and it will be something that costs you to use it, there will not be Uchiha running around everywhere with it burning people with black fire or putting them under omnipotent genjutsu. My advice is, pretend the main characters of the entire series never existed, and never use any of them as an example for how your character is going to be - think about the other non-main characters, like the three who confronted Itachi about Shisui's death, that is where our power scale will be. All of the main characters in the series pulled off amazing and basically impossible feats because they're main characters and it happens in every show, like Naruto beating Neji, only reason that happened is because of the power of the nine tails, if he didn't have that he never would have won. Take a second to think about how strong Naruto would be without nine tails and sage mode.... He'd be no more special than your average jounin.
  7. You're making the mistake of assuming that tailed beasts will work the same way as in the series, don't start making plans just yet.
  8. We said release would be in march, not by march.
  9. Uhm... we don't use BBcode, we use html with wysiwyg editor, BBcode is an extremely dated post format for forum suites and is rarely used in the latest software, this is what happens when I post your proposed format: It literally does nothing. And I don't know how you got it to display in your post, but it certainly wasn't with what you posted in the first spoiler o.o
  10. I thought it might be a good idea to take the time to set a few ground rules for posting on the forums, since some people seem to be going crazy over them and doing some less than intelligible stuff before being stopped by our moderators. DO NOT: Post meaningless content (things like hi, sup or hey, otherwise known as post farming) Hijack other people's threads (if somebody is posting about something, don't hijack their thread to post about something else) Post any form of negativity, including name calling, sexual profanity, abuse or threats of any kind Repost your thread or comment after it has been deleted by a moderator Upload offensive and/or sexual profile pictures Post content in any language other than English Argue with ANY Shinobi Story staff when they have given you an instruction to do or not do something Punishments for failure to adhere to these basic rules are at the discretion of said member of staff. Please review the Shinobi Story Rules!
  11. Wait.... @Thequbby Nep nep nep, nep nep nep... NEP!
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