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    To keep a level of quality to organizations, the thread for your organization should be based upon these questions: however, you can choose to format it and add more information as you see fit. Many of these questions are optional, but we ask that you highlight a purpose or function of your organization, at the very least.



    What is the name of your organization?

    Player Leader:

    NPC Leader: (If applicable) 

    How and why did your organization come into existence?

    In which territories does your organization operate?

    Who is your organization allied with? (clans, other organizations, etc)

    Who are your enemies?

    What are your relationships with the various feudal lords?

    What are you looking for in members, both IC (clan affiliations, character goals, morals, etc) and OOC (PvE focused, PvP focused, trading and profession focused)?

    What is the purpose of your organization? You don't need to give away any goals or plans you want to keep hidden, just a general overview of what you stand for

    Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform? 

    Do you have a member limit? 



Rogue Organizations

3 Organizations

These are Organizations that are openly hostile to Villages


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