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Komorebi is an establishment located in the Land of Fire that promotes and enforces its grounds as a neutral sanctuary free of strife. Maintained by a staff of mixed origins, their sole motive or interest is to provide high quality hospitality service at an affordable cost.

Its uniformed employees provide a few services to its clientele, including but not limited to; medical treatment, private rooms and good cuisine while also maintaining a job billboard through which one might earn coin, lodging or food.

As an establishment located outside of any major settlement, their clientele consists primarily of weary travelers, wounded warriors and those vacationing or fleeing from war.

Some rumors tell of a sinister individual named "the manager", but no such shady person has ever manifested themselves in the ryokan, suggesting that the rumor is simple hearsay.


The rules of conduct are as follows;

Settlement of bills: For lodging, bills must be settled on presentation. For services (food, medical) bills may be settled after the fact.

Be mindful: Starting fights (physically or verbally) with either staff or patron may be grounds for removal from the premises.

One drink policy: Please do not loiter on the premises without making any purchases.  Even a single drink will suffice.

Refrain from damaging anything: Treat sliding doors, screens and other things gently, as some are very fragile. If an accident happens, please alert Komorebi staff as soon as possible.


On an out of character basis, the Org is maintained by a tight-knit group of friends who love to RP and play games together.

All of us enjoy creating roleplay and engaging the community, so creating a player-run roleplay hub is in line with our interests. The job billboard will serve as an IC introduction to roleplay events (as some of us enjoy hosting them) or even as a medium for buying & selling in-game goods.

We are not recruiting on an OOC basis. All new character additions must come through organic roleplay.

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