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What is the name of your organization? Leaf ANBU

Player Leader: Zabuzausage

NPC Leader: (If applicable) Usagi Hyuuga

How and why did your organization come into existence? We act as the ANBU unit of the leaf, under the current Hokage

In which territories does your organization operate? Where ever our Hokage deems fit for us to serve.

Who is your organization allied with? (clans, other organizations, etc) We act on the orders of the Hokage, and unless circumstances deem it needed, we are allied to all who consider themselves leaf. 

Who are your enemies? Anyone who would betray Konoha, the leaf, or its secrets.

What are your relationships with the various feudal lords?

What are you looking for in members, both IC (clan affiliations, character goals, morals, etc) and OOC (PvE focused, PvP focused, trading and profession focused)? Leaf affiliated (in RP, buff status does not matter) minimum 350 skill points. PvP focused. 

What is the purpose of your organization? You don't need to give away any goals or plans you want to keep hidden, just a general overview of what you stand for. 

Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform? Yes, while wearing your ANBU mask/robe you will be asked to be in warmode. ANBU uniform will be black robe and mask, ANBU captain will be white robe and mask. You can wear what you want while not "on duty" as an ANBU. 

Do you have a member limit? The aim is to have as many members as there are masks in the game.

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