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What is the name of your organization?

13 Court Guard Squads (BCGS- 1 and 3 make B)

Player Leader:

Ironhide(Applications Open at this time)

NPC Leader:

Usagi Hyuga

How and why did your organization come into existence?

The 13 Court Guard Squads are tasked with housing the teams of the Hidden Leaf. Our duties include protecting the Hokage, the Village, and the Land of Fire from internal or external threats. The Head Captain oversees the care of all teams, and ensures that the Hokage is briefed during weekly reports. **Disclaimer: You do not need to present within the guild to be on a team, or lead a team.

In which territories does your organization operate? The Hidden Leaf Village and Land of Fire.

Who is your organization allied with? (clans, other organizations, etc)

Uchiha Clan of the Leaf, Sunsail League, Hidden Leaf Village, The Leaf Police Force, Seicho.

Who are your enemies?


What are your relationships with the various feudal lords?

On Iron, I am Councilor, Police Chief, and Uchiha Clan Leader of the Leaf. I have only had one opportunity to speak with the Feudal Lord, but, my loyalty lies with the Feudal Lord of the Land of Fire, no other.

What are you looking for in members, both IC (clan affiliations, character goals, morals, etc) and OOC (PvE focused, PvP focused, trading and profession focused)?

A member can be who they want to be, play how they want to play. There is no requirement to be in the org, nor be on a team. I want the person to understand they have a freedom to decide for themselves, and know they will be fully supported and receive assistance in achieving their goals. If at any point they decide that being with this organization isn't for them, then we will help them find a new home, and fully support any decision that they make.

What is the purpose of your organization? You don't need to give away any goals or plans you want to keep hidden, just a general overview of what you stand for.

To build a stronger village, and stand for the Leaf Village as well as the Land of Fire, inspiring everyone that comes into this org.

Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform?

At all times a Shinobi must wear Pants, Shoes, and either a Headband or Armband. At Chunin a Vest will be required to be worn in character, OOC a vest is not required. Jonin can choose to wear what they would like.

Do you have a member limit?

No member limit.

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