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What is the name of your organization? 

Sunsail League       

Player Leader: 

Fujisawa; Nari    (In game name: Nari)            

NPC Leader: (If applicable)         

Owner: Yokota; Toshio

How and why did your organization come into existence? 

The Sunsail League is a company based in Konoha that was formed in response to the tempestuous times we currently live in. Our goal being to research, record and preserve information that otherwise may have been lost to time. 


In which territories does your organization operate?        


Primarily the Land of Fire however Sunsail has been known to operate in foreign lands neutral or allied with the leaf as well. Either under contract by various lords or families or simply due to the desire to uncover new knowledge.


Who is your organization allied with? (clans, other organizations, etc)    

Being based in Konoha, the Sunsail League frequently works with leaf shinobi and professionals. Otherwise, Sunsail tries to foster a cooperative relationship with other research groups and a very business-like relationship with villages and mercenary groups they occasionally contract for help.

Who are your enemies?        

Hostile rogue groups, bandits, looters, and the slow erosion of time itself.

What are your relationships with the various feudal lords?        

The Sunsail League’s relationship with the various feudal lords is very business-like in nature. Treating information and knowledge much like a currency to be exchanged.

What are you looking for in members, both IC (clan affiliations, character goals, morals, etc) and OOC (PvE focused, PvP focused, trading and profession focused)?        

ICly we’re looking for members who are interested in preserving the knowledge and history of this continent that may be lost to time otherwise. We study a diverse set of fields so we’re looking for people who specialize in anything from Archeology, to the nature of Chakra, to ecology. In addition, Sunsail is looking for both Security and Medical crew for protecting the rest of the organization. While not required it’s encouraged that members of these divisions have an interest in discovery as well.

OOCly we are seeking individuals who are looking for a more exploration focused roleplay environment, or just an alternative option to the more military focused leaf, rogue and mercenary options out there. We’re also open to non-RPers looking for a place to make friends as well as new players; however we expect all members to at the very least be respectful to roleplay both in and out of the guild. (Ex: No trolling roleplay with spammed emotes) We also seek to cooperate and collaborate with the other guilds on the server and generally encourage a cooperative attitude towards guilds we form connections with. 

What is the purpose of your organization? You don't need to give away any goals or plans you want to keep hidden, just a general overview of what you stand for        

The Sunsail League’s purpose is to research, record and preserve any and all information that may be lost to time otherwise. This includes anything from the geology of the land to the people living on it. 

Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform?         

We do not require a uniform however we do have a set of equipment that includes items such as a compass, map, specimen kit along with various other objects based on your specialty field which we encourage you to keep on hand while doing field work. 

Do you have a member limit?         


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