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"Even Hell runs on money."


A Mercenary ninja (傭兵忍者, Yōhei Ninja) is a skilled ninja who is hired to fight for another country or group other than their own in exchange for money.

Before the founding of shinobi villages, the majority of the clans in existence were mercenary military forces for hire. After shinobi were united in villages, some chose to fight not out of loyalty to their own country or clan but for their own gains.

Some mercenary ninjas are criminals; taking out contracts against shinobi loyal to the different villages, while others take on contracts beyond the system entirely, serving those who don't have the methods or means to contract a ninja village such as Konohagakure.


Mercenary ninja operate in every country and serve themselves first and foremost. As individualists first and last, they follow their own whims and value liberty but don't strive to protect others' freedom. They avoid authority, resent restrictions, and challenge traditions. They seldom respond well to authority, balking at feudal lords and kages.

While some cells of mercenary nin have leaders, it is no secret that the fluidity of a mercenary's allegiance is their power. No such mercenary leader is so comfortable in their position as to believe that it can't be threatened by their so-called subordinates.

Some mercenaries belong to a faction referred to as the 'Exiles' by the Shinobi Villages. Such people are said to specialize in hidden and forbidden techniques. Their goals are as varied as they are shrouded in mystery.

Others are rogue shinobi eking out their lives as mercenaries, continuing to ply the skills they've stolen from their respective villages in order to maintain a certain lifestyle and further their own goals.

Most, however, are simple war profiteers, making use of volatile political circumstances in order to claw their way to the top.



'Mercenary Ninja' is an org for the orgless, consisting of players and characters with varying IC and OOC affiliations. Some are rogue-oriented, while others are Leaf-leaning. Because of how different all of the players and characters are, very little can be said about playstyles, gameplay preferences or loyalty on a grand scale.

We welcome roleplayers and non-roleplayers; PvErs and PVPers, main and alt characters; new and veteran players alike.

There are no mandatory attendance events, no activity requirements.

The only requirements are to be decent with others, help each-other where possible and contribute what you can; if something is taken from the org bank, it should be paid forward.

For recruitment, you may apply on the forums or contact Akari or Géo ingame, or reach out to us on discord (Kizo#5718) and (Gekido#9641), respectively.

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