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  The Hidden Leaf Village aims to set and enforce rules within the Land of Fire, while training new generations of formidable shinobi. We serve The First Hokage in hunting down rogue ninja and organizing the defense of Konohagakure. Our Genin are sorted into teams of three led by Jonin, they are then assigned tasks based on their capabilities. The defense of the village is paramount to our organization and in creating a safer environment we hope to foster inexperienced learners into disciplined defenders. 





       We are recruiting non-alt characters. Our members are sworn to protect Konohagakure and its inhabitants, and this includes safeguarding secrets kept within The Village’s walls.

Our events are often impromptu and we merge gameplay with RP, often treating even trivial tasks such as dailies as a chance to develop relations between members of The Leaf. If you prefer scheduled RP, we also host events on a weekly basis.

One should be open to impromptu walk-up based RP if they plan to join or interact with The Leaf. We do in character interviews before accepting members. No level req., no experience req., we will teach you how to play the game without asking anything in return other than loyalty.





Contact any member of The Leaf in game if you’re interested, or join our Hidden Leaf Village discord!


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