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✦ ˚ .  What is the name of your organization?

Konoha Black Ops

✦ ˚ .  Player Leader:

Yuzuki Uchiha

✦ ˚ .  NPC Leader:

Hokage - Ushina Sarutobi

✦ ˚ .  How and why did your organization come into existence?

Konoha Black Ops was formed to further enforce the protection and success of Konohagakure; while some may be tasked with the overall protection of the village, many and most bear the purpose of investigating, infiltrating, and eradicating any outstanding major threats to the Hidden Leaf be they domestic or foreign to the Land of Fire as a whole.

✦ ˚ .  In which territories does your organization operate?

Konoha Black Ops may operate in any number of areas, as one may be stationed both within village walls, or upon missions both within and outside the Land of Fire.

✦ ˚ .  Who is your organization allied with?

Konoha Black Ops serve directly under the leading Hokage, and as such, take direct orders from the individual in said position. Though each village has their own special ANBU, ours is specifically served to the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

✦ ˚ .  Who are your enemies?

Any and all who pose an outstanding threat to the Hokage and those within village walls. Likewise, anyone who has made a notorious name for themselves as a threat to Konoha, the daimyō of the Land of Fire, or any innocent civilians within the Land of Fire.

✦ ˚ .  What are your relationships with the various feudal lords?

As an organization that serves under the Hokage, ANBU likewise serves to protect the daimyō of the Land of Fire as necessary. Relations with feudal lords of other lands are presently largely unexplored at this time.

✦ ˚ .  What are you looking for in members, both IC and OOC?

ICly we are seeking potential members and buntaichō alike. ANBU are not recruited for their prowess in battle alone, but for their individual personalities and unique capabilities that may further serve to protect the Leaf.

OOCly we are seeking individuals of a sound mind who have an interest in storytelling and worldbuilding, as well as collaboration with other RP organizations of both allies and enemies alike.* Active OOC communication is a must, and we are strictly of the mind that metagaming, godmodding, and IC/OOC blending is not permitted. Members must be active at least once a month, as we plan to host monthly story-focused events based upon our relations and happenings with other organizations during downtime.

*It should be kept in mind that, while we aspire to be a RPvP organization in function, we do not permit forced character death on those who do not consent to it.

✦ ˚ .  What is the purpose of your organization?

Konoha Black Ops was created for the purpose of bringing together qualified individuals to further enforce the protection of the Village Hidden in the Leaves as well as the Land of Fire itself. 

✦ ˚ .  Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform? 

Buntaichō (OOC & IC officers) are highly encouraged to use the Bounty Hunter's Cloak found in the SS Cash Shop, and general members and initiates are suggested the black cloak purchasable for ryo, respectively. These are not requirements, however, as only the colors will be enforced during missions until a readily accessible Konoha ANBU outfit or a respectively similar outfit is available in-game. Members typically do not need to worry about specific items or colors when ICly off-duty, as they aren't supposed to be openly ANBU IC in the first place.

✦ ˚ .  Do you have a member limit? 

No limit is placed, though we prefer quality over quantity. Alts are welcome as long as they remain actively involved unless a notice is given to an organization officer!


✦ ˚ .  Other Notes: 

Though OOCly "Konoha Black Ops", we are a group of individuals ICly RPing ANBU characters performing their associated tasks in their lives.

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