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  The Hidden Leaf Village aims to set and enforce rules within the Land of Fire, while training new generations of formidable shinobi. We serve The First Hokage in hunting down rogue ninja and organizing the defense of Konohagakure. Our Genin are sorted into teams of three led by Chunin or Jounin, they are then assigned tasks based on their capabilities. The defense of the village is paramount to our organization and in creating a safer environment we hope to foster inexperienced learners into disciplined defenders. 




                      We are accepting anyone who is looking for a structured RP/PVP organization and would be open to attending regularly scheduled events. Our ranks are structured that those who are looking to reach leadership positions can achieve them. Everyone will have to start as a Genin and work their way through the ranks by completing missions with their teams. If you are striving for a   leadership role, frequent activity is expected. We are looking for people who are willing to help others and clear content with a fun RP spin.




          Contact Moodyy or Altheruchiha in game if interested or join our Hidden Leaf Village discord: https://discord.gg/vX7Rrx5fDm (No member limit)




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