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Subjects Of Ymir

Leader: @Eren

Discord: Eren Yeager#7355

Co Leader: N/A

Organization Theme: (Play while reading)


How and why did your organization come into existence?

We are bunch of cultists who believe that due to their abilities they are entitled to inherit the shinobi world. more or so they believe in a prophet called "Ymir" who claims to be able to grant immense power, in the legend of "Ymir" they sacrificed everything in order to bring the shinobi world to order, In such they try to re-create "Ymir" in their own ways.

Allied Organizations/Clans:
 None at the moment
Enemy Organizations/Clans:
"The Blood Oath" you must not associate yourself with them in any way.
What we are looking for:
We are looking for people who are good at roleplay or PVP we also want you to contribute to our org in some type of way, it could be in game cash to support stuff in or organization or just spreading the word to recruit members, don't just be a lazy member.
Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform?
No Uniform is required, this could change in the near future but as of right now no.
Do you have a member limit?
No member limit, we need as much help as possible so its better we have as many people as possible so feel free to join up and invite your friends.

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