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The Saitou Family is a long standing merchant family that has been building its connections and resources all over the Land of Fire for generations. With the influence and resources they have amassed, the Saitou Family have become the most influential group of merchants in Fire Country.

With the success garnered by their trade Kanjirou Saitou, the current head of the family, has decided to invest resources into helping the Village Hidden in the Leaves. There has been many rumours about this group, most of which implies they are involved in shady dealings and underhanded tactics. Further evidence supports this; people who speak out against them have been known to go missing, some even say they have connections with known criminals.

The Saitou Family was built on one goal; to amass enough wealth and influence to expand their territory into neighbouring countries, reaping the benefits each land has to offer and controlling the market and importation of resources.

While this was their goal for generations, their goal has changed with Kanjirou's new ambition; to create a group of elite Shinobi handpicked by Kanjirou himself in order to establish a market for hired guards.

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