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The Hallow Eye tigers is little more than a group of elitist that rounded together to express those beliefs. They were able to realized due to an exceptionally outspoken man. One disgruntled with the clan's insignificance when compared. With his brilliant white eyes he was able to rally his fellow clansmen to the idea of furthering their reputation and wealth upon a golden age.


Hallow Eye Tigers wear their clan pride on their back and even plan to set up at nearest area to the clan's quarters. Even with this obvious display of hyuuga pride they are far from being officially supported by the clan leader. Even within the clan, members see them littlie more than madmen proving nothing. Although annoyed with these ideas, It brings the benefit to act independently of the whole and commit far worse actions then when associated. It is also widely agreed among the Hallow Eye Tigers that until they have great achievements they will move without the clan. But if ever greeted by the clan head they will embark on any mission no matter the death toll.


It is safe to assume that the Hallow Eye Tigers is made up of only hyuugas especially with such nicknames like "Hyuuga Cartel" although accurate are not wholly true. It is Extremely rare to see members outside of the clan to be initiated and impossible for any uchiha to be seen anywhere near their base without asking to die. If there was ever someone so persistent or endorsed enough by valid members they will be considered to join and put into the lowest rank in the organization. There are situations where lowest ranks will be taken for special "jobs"


Hallow Eye Tiger Rankings {subject to change depending on systems placed}:

Leader/Vice (Hyuuga exclusive)

Grand Tigers (Hyuuga exclusive)

Blind Tigers(Hyuuga exclusive)


Blank cubs

Blackened beast(outcast/non-hyuuga)


Within the organization there are several ranks to flaunt their devotion to the cause while gaining benefits above those below. Having a greater say on internal issues and better rewards. Strong hard working members are best expected to get to blind after years of dedication. That is because Grand tigers beyond loyal to the leader given results that are so great the even the clan will notice them. But of course only hyuuga could bring something great in. Most non-hyuuga won't even see the light of stripped.


There aren't many rules or regulations put onto members but the ones in place if ever broken result in dire punishments


(1) Always report results

(2) Never associate with a uchiha

(1) Lying to us is lying to the clan

(2) never Reveal organization intentions before clan aware


1= Hyuuga: First a warning then demote 1 rank down/blackened then kicked/Others: demote to blackened then kicked

2= Hyuuga: Beat up the put to blackened then high chance to be defamed and kicked/Others Beat up defamed and kicked


(Just to simplify it all we are pretty PvP focused especially to the uchiha heretics!!! Don't expect to be apart if you being anything other than hyuuga but might think about it if I'm playing favorites or looking for spice. some of the things i've talked about might appeal to RPers but don't think you need to RP, we all here for one reason alone to gank uchihas!!)



FYI:(Expect to get ganked by the whole org if we catch you slacking with uchiha scum!)

FYI to FYI:(theres a good chance i'll edit this up quiet a but when hyuuga clan lore comes and i'll do my best to accomodate for that since this is so hyuuga heavy)

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