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✵The Blood Oath✵

Leader: @Nisshomaru
Vice Leader: N/A
@YokaiGin, @thatoneguy, @Bacchin, @JustEmy, @Cadron, @RugLrd, @DonTheSilencer, @simbat156, @TheDyingGod


Organization Theme: (Play while reading)



How and why did your organization come into existence:

The Blood Oath was created for those who wish to side amongst the strongest and most powerful criminal shinobi. We are the people that will change the worlds shape, the people that will never worry about being hunted down, the people that will reign at the top.


Who is your organization allied with? (clans, other organizations, etc)-
We are currently allied with:



Alliances are formed only by the Organization Leader, members of allied organizations are prohibited from fighting each other and will always help each other.

No one as of right now.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for serious players that excel in PVP rather than in RP, but we do not decline good rpers. We are looking for high leveled, skilled, strong shinobi. Anyone can join this organization as of right now since the game isn't out yet and players haven't proven their potential yet. But I trust in every single one of my members.


Our Goal:
We are aiming to become the strongest Rogue Organization in Shinobi Story, and once we have that, our ambitions will dive in deeper. The Leader of the organization, @Nisshomaru has a couple of goals to accomplish that can not be disclosed to the public yet. 

Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform? 
Our members can wear whatever they want, however when given an assignment by the Leader or Vice Leader, they are bound to wear their Guilds black robe (or something else, depending on what the guild system will offer).

Do you have a member limit? 
We do not have a member limit but we also do not accept everyone. Right now everyone can join because the game is not out yet, but if you don't prove your worth, you might as well be cut out. This organization has high ambitions after all.


The Blood Oath History


If you have any questions, or would like to join the organization, you can simply click on "Join Organization".
Add me on Discord: Nisshomaru#1085



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