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  3. I'm someone who is new to the community and would really like to play, but i'm stopped by the installer. Everytime I open it up to play I get a error connecting to patch server. I'm not sure whats causing this to happen. So any support would be great.
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  6. hello I downloaded it on S.S I tried to log in and it looks like the test is over, which is a shame (T_T). so i would like to know if you have a calendar with the test periods or something similar like a date for a new test, and if you don't have anything like that, make an informative calendar of the status of the development and the servers. OBS: this is just an idea but it would be very cool on your part I mean besides all your work that is really cool and I think it would be even easier for you to not have to answer that the test is over for each user that has installed because instead they could simply see the server's calendar or status. but this is overheard by all the tremendous and hard work of vocals and sorry if I said some shit kkkk more is that I really want to play this game (`v´)
  7. Hello there, So here goes something. I tried to think up of a questline structure and I'd love to gather some constructive critics on it. If you find "plot holes", ways to diver from the questline, ways to better it up, making more suspense, etc. Sorry for bad sentence structure/grammar/etc., english isn't my first language
  8. The server issues stem as the game is in development and is not playable at this time.
  9. Yes, that is because the game is in development. Please before posting look at the support section if there already is an answer, and stay tuned for further updates for the next testing phase.
  10. When I try to log in using my account it says your account is not authorized to access that server.
  11. I am also facing the same issue and there is nothing wrong with my internet connection
  12. Option 1: With the ability to steal visual jutsu; sharingan and byakugan as "loot". However, the pre-existing stats within the eye(s) can't be increased or decreased, and maybe "implanting" the eye(s) into a non-Uchiha/non-Hyuga removes 1/4 of previous chakra pool from gameplay as a trade-off.
  13. I am soooo happy you like this soo much. There is something i ne ed to rework but i think i can show it.
  14. bladexxy

    Cant login

    when will be up server?
  15. pls add that chotoke sword to in-game shop smh
  16. What game? This is a forum for battlestar galactica bro
  17. Gogo

    My asset

    Looking good, keep it up
  18. Hello, you cannot play because the Alpha Testing has long ago ended. Feel free to follow the updates and stay tuned for another future testing phase! You can keep the downloaded files as it would skip you the waiting at that time.
  19. Well I downloaded the a week before I installed it and am trying to play the game, but when I try to log in it show "Your Account Is Not Authorized To Access This Server" I tried everything that I can possibly do but I still can,t play please i need your help to play the game I was waiting for it for the past month but this is really disappointing to me
  20. There is no virus. You need to disable your anti virus so that you can download and play. If you are still concerned, that is understandable, but you can scan the files with your anti virus program and will be ensured that it is safe.
  21. When I try to download the launcher, it says that the file contains a virus and my computer deletes it. I'm happy that my computer's looking out for me, but how can we get it fixed? :-P
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