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  4. No, este juego se lanzará exclusivamente en PC.
  5. ¿Este juego se puede jugar en tabletas o android?
  6. Hello Susano, welcome to the Shinobi Story Community! Rejoin the server, then you will get a private message from a bot. It will require you to click the link so that you verify. The game will release after about a month, and it will be an early Alpha stage. Anybody can play, and the server will not close. Yes, the minimum requirement is Windows XP (service Pack 3). It also works on Intel based Mac via bootcamp. As for system requirements: Do not hesitate to ask if there are any other questions. =]
  7. Tell me how you can get a checkmark status in your discord channel and when will the next alpha test of the game be and how to enter it? Another question, can I play on windows 8?
  8. I’ll help but only give info I don’t need or don’t care about so anywhere I find is used to make every hyuuga a god
  9. Some type of finding an impostor in the village you are doing the quest in. Might be only fit for a medium to higher type of ninja rank, depending on threat. The village/city suspects being infiltrated and you're (or your group) is tasked to find out the enemy. I imagine it being a shorter chain to break up parts like scouting, intel, combat so on. The enemy might even escape, so it might not end with a successful encounter and this can be by design depending on how devs want to implement the idea.
  10. Welcome, Blip! Feel free to leave your weapon by the door grab a bowl. The end of July approaches, we must be ready... itadakimasu
  11. No, no se requiere Discord, sin embargo, ahí es donde se comunica la mayoría de la comunidad, así como los desarrolladores.
  12. Hey, Im Aetherkeeper. I do something around here. Glad to have you around. Dont trust the fake developer on the staff team. Sincerely, Aetherchips
  13. My cat Glenny (named after Glenn from TWD). Mom rescued her from her work when she was a kitten. She likes to sleep with her tummy out (Big images!)
  14. *24 y/o female *Resides in California, USA *Has an Associate's Degree in Philosophy and Liberal Arts *Currently earning a Bachelor's in Biology, I'd like to be a zookeeper or work in an animal sanctuary *Currently learning Japanese *I like to draw, but my true passion lies in listening, playing, and composing music *I've played about 7-ish instruments both in and out of school, with my favorite instrument to play/compose on is the guitar *I spend my free time mostly playing games, watching anime, drawing, and practicing my guitars *My favorite music genre is rock, I mostly listen to 90's grunge/alt rock music, 2000's rock, numetal and classic rock Nice to meet you all!
  15. I'll help but I need my bitcoins within the week.
  16. Gogo

    Russian localizer

    Hello, We will not be introducing such mechanics. But if you are asking whether you can use any third party software - as long as it doesn’t give you an unfair in-game advantage, you are absolutely free to do so.
  17. When a new stage of the game comes out and I can enter, will it be possible to install a language localizer, for example, Russian, if I am from Russia?
  18. Susano

    Russian localizer

    When a new stage of the game comes out and I can enter, will it be possible to install a language localizer, for example, Russian, if I am from Russia?
  19. Experience will be completely reworked. The testing may stretch into the Alpha release. Please be adviced that the xp will only INCREASE. Hence becoming more difficult. Not that i think it will be easy for you currently. Hehehehehehehe. Love, Aetherburger
  20. https://shinobistory.com/forums/topic/484-testing-tunnel-vision-team-2cool/?tab=comments#comment-4077
  21. A heads up The new release is soon upon us and that means a lot of things especially for the staff team. As the one dealing with numbers in a living digital world where thousands of factors and possibilities intertwine and effect one another, I need feedback. Very specific feedback. This is where the Tunnel Vision Team comes into play, as a part of my personal team you will be treated like a robot and send in numbers like a computer for the sole purpose of making everything PERFECTLY BALANCED. kek. All who is interested can apply here, should you decide you dont want to before or even after, then that is fine too. I am looking for casuals, hardcore casuals, minmaxers, speedrunners. Whatever you are, because so long you know basic numbers and play the game you are eligible to help the one and only Aetherwrecker. Love, Aetheroilrig
  22. ¿Y para jugar es obligatorio el discord?
  23. What about things such as legendary weapons that there are only 1 of, as a way to make the decision between being a criminal or not harder
  24. Lo siento si esto está mal, utilicé Google para traducir. La primera versión alfa de Shinobi Story se lanzará el 30 de julio, no podrás jugar hasta esa fecha. Eres más que bienvenido a unirte a nosotros en Discord (https://www.discord.gg/shinobistory), hay algunos miembros activos de la comunidad que hablan español con fluidez. Tenga en cuenta que los mods nos piden que solo hablemos inglés en el servidor, sin embargo, si tiene alguna pregunta, siempre puede enviar un mensaje directo a la persona con la que desea hablar.
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