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  2. Great bio, I wonder where he goes and what he does next!
  3. This post is to discuss the need my need for aether to go My reasons? He asked for it https://shinobistory.com/forums/topic/378-remove-jiraya-bot/?do=findComment&comment=3425
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  5. A lot of mysterious traits regarding this character. Nonetheless he gives off the vibes of Kakuzu regarding all those money issues. Well, hopefully you can steal and make the organization rich >:D
  6. Forename: Cadron Surname: Valentine Gender: Male Age: 19 Height: 181 cm Weight: 70 kg Hair colour: Black with blond on the sides Eye colour: Light blue Affiliation: ✵The Blood Oath✵ Long story short:
  7. Am working on a drawing for her, will be up soon promise
  8. Yes yes, the psycho of the rogue organization LOL. This is one of the characters I am very eager to see how it will grow, so looking forward to that! Also, I'd suggest adding a picture of Kyla in appearance section. Or at least try to find something that kinda suits the description you provided. Other than that, I love those custom banners
  9. Emanyueru was born as a normal and poor villager. Often being bullied since childhood and because of the bad leadership in his village he hated everyone. One day the village got attacked by some rogue ninjas and his family was the only one left behind since no one warned them and try to help them. His family was killed and he managed to escape and since that day he hated his village and couldn't trust anyone. One day he found an abandoned house and tried to shelter in it.. once he gets in he sees a little shelf with bunch of mysterious scrolls..forbidden scrolls. In that time he remembered what that day and he gets absorbed in anger, then he decided to learn the forbidden techniques ad get revenge on his village and those shinobi who killed his family. Months passed and he learned every technique, after that he went in the mountains and trained his body since he was still fragile. After years of training and mastering his techniques he is ready to get his revenge. He goes in his old village and killed all the leaders and all who bullied him and his family in the past. He became a rogue ninja and a lonely one. One day he met an interesting figure, a rogue ninja and not a normal one. Emanyueru became intrigued by his movements and abilities.. he got into a conversation with him without realising that.. he couldn't believe that he actually talked to someone.. and so casually. After some time they got to know each other, it seems that the name of the interesting ninja was Nisshomaru and he was friendly towards a few people, Emanyueru been one of them. Emanyueru decided to follow him and learn more, once they travel they walk into a group of ninjas, it seems they're Nisshomaru's team. He has an organization full of rogues, they work like a team and help each other achieving their goals. Emanyueru wanted to believe once again in people and gave them a chance.. he wanted to see how is the life with friends.. friends that he never had and wanted since childhood. His story still continues, along with The Blood Oath, their organization, will spread fear into the enemy's hearts. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Height: 6′ 0″ Weight: 170lbs Age: 18 Blood type: AB Primary chakra nature: Wind Hidden Village: Mist Clan: Clanless Organization: The Blood Oath Specialization: Medic
  10. ♦ Full Name: Hajimari Kyla ♦ Alias(es): Hana ♦ Birthplace: Land of Lightning. ♦ Age: 17 ♦ Gender: Female. ♦ Height & Weight: 162 cm (5'3) | 49 kg (108 lbs) ♦ Affiliations: Hidden Leaf Village The Blood Oath House Hajimari Saitou Family Growing up surrounded by boys, Kyla adopted a tomboy-ish demeanour and fashion sense despite her mother's mandatory lessons in "proper lady etiquette." Her eyes closely resemble the colour of lavender, while her hair would remind one of a faded cream. Although born with a natural beauty about her, Kyla debases this perk with her unkempt hair and her dishevelled attire which typically consists of bandaging, ruffled clothes and a narrow colour scheme of blue and black. W.I.P Illnesses: Kyla suffers from dissociative identity disorder (MPD) and depersonalization disorder (DPD). She lives with a severely unstable disposition; her mental functions are not all there. Her understanding of the environment is inconsistent, resulting in random losses of balance, clumsiness and out-of-body experiences. While Kyla does have to live with these dispositions, there are times where she displays drastically different personalities, thought to be those of her now deceased cousins. Because of her dissociative identity disorder, she is known as a wild card. Her multiple personalities are unpredictable, and as such can cause chaos for both enemy and ally alike. Occasional windows of mental fatigue also come into play, making it hard for her to focus or stay out and about for too long. Typically impassive and unpretentious, Kyla does not give off much of an impression like her cousins did. Her attentiveness for the people or world around her is not always there, save for pivotal moments. Kyla acts with denigration towards those outside of her lineage, a corollary for the derision Kyla had to experience within the Saitou family and the Academy - her conditions made her stand out as the “weird child,” bringing about bullying and shots at her mental capacity. Although taught on multiple occasions not to act with prejudiced opinions, Kyla continues to do so as she lacks the mental capability to understand there are all kinds of personalities in the world. It's simply easier for her to generalise the masses and act on those presumptions. Flawed by this mindset, the girl is usually scornful and aloof, unable to recognize key characteristics of individuals and discriminates based on what types of characters she has encountered. To her, everyone's the same. W.I.P CH1 - "The Saitou Family" W.I.P This info card is W.I.P, but will be purposely short once completed - I will only be offering a little bit of information on my character. If anyone is interested, feel free to learn more about Kyla by interacting with her in-character, if possible.
  11. leveling up like sonic at this point
  12. Earlier
  13. I feel like this thread was made only for me at this point
  14. If you were allowed your own thing, I would use my Oc Kekkei Tota, Cloud. But I guess I would use Wind otherwise
  15. I am sorry what?
  16. We got the wrong person, now we have to start a new one for the real imposter - which is Lon3Rid3r
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