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  3. Hi there! Sorry for the super late response! We are currently in development so the game isnt actually out yet. When it does launch though it will be widely announced!
  4. I was gonna say the same but I lowkey have a lot of faith in weed
  5. Unless you have a lot of experience with the game, 1v7 would be quite hardcore. But how you use your jutsu matters, so if you are smart in it, it is indeed not impossible.
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  7. Hey Kenseii! Welcome to the family!
  8. YO i'm just hyped to 1v7 a group and absolutely destroy them with SKILLS!!!! But I do wonder how well CQC will do since that wasn't something i've personally yet. But other than that I hope it turns up well. Can't wait to be stealing uchiha eyes for myself! >:)
  9. That's great to hear! I think you'll be very pleased with what we have in store based off your post! if you have any questions feel free to ask them! I have a questions thread coming soon.
  10. Hey, my expectations for Shinobi story ir what i would like to see is, an world that feels like the world in naruto with my favourite things from the series, all kind of jutsu's, clans etc, i would also like to see some roleplay, would like to see the op abilities but nerfed/changed but still keeping them similiar to the series, examples would be: making the susano cost more chakra than in the anime..
  11. Hi there folks! I intend to start using the forum more often to communicate with yall. Today I only have one very opened ended question for you! What are your expectations for Shinobi Story? What would you like to see or not see? Tell me here!
  12. We as a team are very large fans of how runescape was made and maintained, we believe that as our inspiration runescape will be a great guide for us to build a game worth exploring and really getting immersed in.
  13. I wish that we're not appealing to Runescape fans, download content makes better simulation software caps
  14. I'd say option 1 if this is still being touched on but do wish to know how fleeing is. Cause if it's near impossible for someone to escape a fight at all then option 3 might be a better choice so Grime squads can't start wiping people the second they get to 3 days of play.
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  16. Okaze

    clien ?

    Hello Bragane. Our game is in development. You received an error screen that says that every time you clicked download. Hope that helps!
  17. bragane

    clien ?

    Good evening, I would like to know if it is normal that there is no customer to be able to download the games thank you
  18. It is past midnight. You stroll the outskirts of Yokohama Town and eventually climb a tall hill. You halt. It is beautiful; you can witness all of the town from above. What do you do next? Tell your intentions and maybe warn others!
  19. Probably Hyuuga tbh seems like would have more interesting gameplay for the start of the game.
  20. We are using the skillshot system without lock-on target functionality. The goal is exactly to prove skill and immerse the players in the shinobi world.
  21. Why not make a action based fighting system , a Aim Dot ,With a Lock Target System.. Dodge Button. That would make the fighting system feel more , shinobi like . And it would be alot more fun since this is a naruto based mmorpg , I feel like an action fighting system where u also have to have skill (aim then do the jutsu or trow shurkens , dash ,dodge ,fight) That would make players , also have to train and have skill to land the shuriken , or learn how to time a dash to meele after. and etc I hope you guys like my idea. Fighting system.mp4
  22. Most likely both will see the world in the end . But for now, we can prioritize one.
  23. Great idea ! Hyuuga will provide a good alternative to Uchiha (which should balance the clans' population better). + Hyuuga had so much lore potential... I'm glad we'll be able to imagine and create what their past (and future) would have been like EDIT: I wonder why not replace Sarutobi instead of Senju tho ? The Senju Clan have more interesting abilities and would have been a stronger contrast between the belligerent Uchiha and the isolationist Hyuuga, what do y'all think ?
  24. This topic is well considered Shaka.
  25. Shinobi, There has been recent talks about replacing the Senju with the Hyuuga in the next phase of alpha. The Hyuuga clan would provide a fresh take of clans in Shinobi Story. Creating the Senju abilities and aesthetic is causing them to be too similar to the Uchiha and Sarutobi. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know by voting in the poll
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