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  4. Crab

    install location

    Hello itsRobbie, the launcher is still a little barebones and does not have an option to select the install location at this time. It typically will automatically install on to the default C drive, and you can then move it around to whichever your preferred drive is.
  5. Crab


    Hey EraPanthera, welcome to the community! Make sure to join our Discord if you haven't yet, we are much more active over there while the forums are being revamped. (https://www.discord.gg/shinobistory)
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  7. Where is this installed on my ssd? I can't find it anywhere... It was originally being automatically installed to my ssd which is only for windows and has no space on it so it gave me an error. Then I moved the launcher to my hdd and opened it back up but it still seems like it's trying to install onto my ssd because I see the space on my ssd going down every second while it's downloading. No install location selector???
  8. EraPanthera


    Hello brilliant people!! Super stoked to have been told about Shinobi Story. I cannot wait to explore, rp, and witness the game evolve! I AM SO HERE FOR IT, BELIEVE IT!;)
  9. This reminds me so so much of the good ole days in Second Life, RPing various Naruto things. The Konoha server (Magic) was home. Is anyone here from those days? I was Nekotripp Kurosawa.
  10. Thank you for this update. I am a fairly new player but I love this game. Thank you and whoever came up with this game. I love every aspect of the game but there are a few things that I have trouble with but mostly absolutely love this game.
  11. In the heart of a boundless desert, beneath the searing sun, an elite squadron of ebony-garbed ninjas strides forward, their umbrellas shielding them from the unforgiving elements. A recent alliance has been forged between the enigmatic Lord Amekage and a clandestine organization known only as the Hawks' Eye. Purporting to represent the elusive Kazekage, the group's true motives remain shrouded in mystery, as every soul who has ventured into this desolate expanse has vanished without a trace. Amidst the swirling desert sands, a figure donning a gas mask utters a solemn sentiment, "I hope... this will turn the tide in this war." As the winds continue to rise, the ninjas press on through the treacherous terrain of the Land of Wind, determined to uncover the truth and bring victory to their cause. ANNOUNCING NEW PLAYABLE FACTION The Hidden Sand Village - Nestled amidst the sweeping dunes of the Land of Wind, the Hidden Sand Village stands as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of its inhabitants. This enigmatic settlement, veiled by both its natural surroundings and its inhabitants' mastery of stealth, serves as a hub for the most skilled and cunning shinobi. The village's labyrinthine streets are lined with sunbaked adobe buildings, providing shelter from the relentless desert climate. The Hidden Sand Village is governed by the wise and enigmatic Kazekage, who leads with a steady hand and a keen understanding of the harsh world that surrounds them. In this bastion of secrecy, the villagers forge powerful bonds and hone their unique ninjutsu techniques, ever vigilant and prepared to defend their home against any who dare to challenge their might. AN OPPERTUNISTIC ALLIANCE In an unprecedented turn of events, the Hidden Sand and Hidden Rain Villages have forged a formidable military alliance, merging their unique strengths and mastery of subterfuge to create a powerful new playable faction. As tensions rise, this newly formed coalition prepares to engage in a conflict with the Leaf Village. Players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the strategic intricacies and fierce battles that arise from this alliance, as the combined forces of the Hidden Sand and Hidden Rain strive to challenge the Leaf Village's supremacy. The stark contrast of the arid desert and the perpetual downpour that defines the two villages adds a layer of depth and complexity to the gameplay, as players navigate both the physical and political landscapes of a world on the brink of war. The alliance between the Hidden Sand and Hidden Rain Villages offers players new gameplay opportunities, as they can now level up and complete quests in each other's territories. The Blackwind Pass, a valley connecting the two villages, serves as the key link between these distinct landscapes. With the addition of the Pass, the game map effectively doubles in size, providing players with diverse environments and challenges to explore. As players journey through the arid desert, the relentless rain, and the treacherous Black Wind Pass, they will encounter unique challenges and rewards in each location. This expansion of playable territory encourages collaboration between the two factions and enhances the overall gaming experience, strengthening their united front against the Leaf Village. The Blackwind Pass, the guarded border which connects the Land of Wind to Land of Rain NEW WAR-TORN LAND The Land of Rivers - a region shrouded in mystery and intrigue, is controlled by a powerful and ruthless crime organization. Its strategic location, where the territories of the Hidden Sand, Hidden Rain, and Leaf Villages converge, makes it the ultimate battleground for these three great lands. As tensions escalate, the Land of Rivers transforms into a theater of war, with each faction vying for supremacy over the resource-rich region. The crime organization's influence casts a sinister shadow over the conflict, adding an element of danger and uncertainty to every encounter. Players must navigate this treacherous terrain, balancing the art of diplomacy with the ever-present threat of betrayal, as they engage in epic battles and forge uneasy alliances to secure victory for their respective factions.
  12. Pretty good changes, however the survivability of Senju/Medical is still far too much. I am playing those masteries + Left Ken and it makes for an unfun experience for both me and my opponent. Time to kill was way too low, if my 3 masteries were not present I think this new balance would be in a really good sweet spot. However a handful of people like me playing these disgusting masteries will throw a wrench into the entire balance. I think these will remain as chronic problems due to the nature of medical tree as a whole. The only solution I see is splitting up the components of abilities like "Pulse" and "Healing Palm" into multiple separate spells that fulfill components of the current 2 spells functions. Similar to how unlocking the final point in Earth awards you with two separate abilities, purchasing Palm and Pulse should give you 3 and 2 abilities per each. Currently a single palm functionally is like using Healing Touch, Regrowth and Rejuvenation at the same time as a Druid (the class Shinobi uses as a base). It should be split into these seperate functions. Not only for balancing reasons but to make healer more engaging than pressing 11111. I can heal via Pulse for more damage than an Ultimate does to me, on a 20 second cooldown, instant cast, with little chakra cost and no damage output reduction. This is not fun for the healer or the person fighting the healer. Similarly dividing pulse into Riptide/Healing Rain-esq ability(s) will allow the abilities to remain relevant in PVE while dismantling the faceroll aspects that are applied in PVP. If someone wants to heal they should be forced to stand still to hard cast a large heal and only be able to apply instant cast/HoTs with low effectiveness while moving. Considering both movement charges/smoke bombs/other tree CC provided this is more than enough mobility for healers without making their main ability casted while moving. This would allow for greater counterplay to 2 button spam in PVP without effecting PVE balance. The Great Medical Seal is in a great spot because its literally just healing tide. Pulse is currently a 5x stronger Healing Tide that moves with you on 1/4th the cool down. I hope the GMs/DEVs doing balancing are allowed in the near future to make meaningful changes to spell functions instead of just minutely tweaking scaling. Tweaking scaling is only a bandaid to larger design problems.
  13. Patch Notes: Goals and Outline: The goals of this patch are simple: Increase time-to-kill/durability across PvP, trim damage off of defensive masteries to prevent them from being as much of a dominant choice, and improve the prospects of pure offensive masteries such as Fire, Middle Kenjutsu, and Lightning. The increase in durability undoubtedly amounts to a substantial buff to the already powerful Senju and Left Ken masteries, and the decent Medical-healing mastery as well. The aim is that trimming a large amount of the damage from Left Ken and Senju keeps those two masteries from continuing to dominate the meta despite this inherent buff. Many ultimate jutsu will be receiving a slight buff to reduce the impact of the resilience change on the damage they deal. In many ways this is just a shake-up so that players of all skill levels get to press their buttons a bit more before they perish, in an attempt to keep Alpha PvP fun and fresh as we ride towards Beta, needless to say some changes might not pan out as envisaged. General 266 Resilience has been added to every non-cosmetic Head slot item. This might necessitate some buffs to the crit items in-game, as resilience still reduces crit damage (but not crit chance). Something to look at for the future. Expertise added to the following haste weapons: Rooster (+40 per hand), Monkey (+60 per hand), and Rabbit (+80 per hand) With a means of countering it in-game, the defense rating on Goat weapons was buffed to 40 per hand. General Techniques Precise Kunai AP scaling nerfed slightly Fire Ninjutsu Techniques Fire’s damage is currently relatively bursty and dependent on Flame Dart Scrolls. These changes aim to flatten Fire’s damage profile, reward CC without having to commit to casting Flamebreath, and bring fire’s overall dps up to cope with the durability increases, while reducing its burst potential. Flame Dart initial damage scaling nerfed, ground-patch SP scaling buffed considerably. Phoenix Flower initial damage scaling nerfed, DoT effect buffed. Fire Tornado scaling buffed (Especially the SP scaling on the initial damage) Dragonflame Jutsu DoT scaling buffed slightly Fiery Havoc scaling buffed slightly Earth Ninjutsu Techniques Water Ninjutsu Techniques Water Prison damage component scaling nerfed Rising Geyser damage buffed slightly Wind Ninjutsu Techniques Lightning Ninjutsu Techniques Lightning has an uphill battle due to its propensity fo proc Will to Endure. In testing with resilience changes, it was practically being outhealed by Will to Endure. It’s receiving some small buffs across the board to put it in a better spot as a pure offensive mastery. Lightning Style: Static Cutter scalings buffed slightly Lightning Style Weapon Chakra Flow scalings buffed slightly Lightning Style Chidori: SP scaling buffed slightly Swordsmanship Techniques Dance of Flocking Birds nerfed significantly Guillotine Killing Technique scaling buffed slightly Silent Killing scaling buffed slightly Medical Ninjutsu Techniques The resilience change risks bringing back med meta in its full glory, but having more med players on the server is good for PvE. Pulse is the target for nerf should it prove overwhelming, but it’s going untouched for now. Taijutsu Techniques Scaling on Strongfist is currently a bit high, it’s punching up there with some ultimates. Understanding that it is carrying the entire damage profile of taijutsu, it’s receiving a tiny nerf to bring it more in line with “strongest basic ability”, not “weakest ultimate ability” Strongfist Punch scaling nerfed slightly Sarutobi Clan Bloodline Burning Ash technique initial damage AP scaling reduced slightly. (It was a bit broken, waaay off the mark if built full AP.) Senju Clan Bloodline Deep Forest Emergence damage component nerfed. Emerging Spikes damage and healing component nerfed Senju: Heavenly Crushing Punch AP scaling nerfed Uzumaki Clan Bloodline Ice Combination Ninjutsu Techniques Frozen Senbon Strike scalings buffed Lava Combination Ninjutsu Techniques Lava Style: Magma Barrage scalings buffed very slightly As always, Thanks for playing Shinobi Story!
  14. The Konohagakure Armed Forces are the military might of the strongest village in the Land of Fire. We are the sword of Konoha and put forth our efforts in building a reliable and trust worthy group of Leaf shinobi that will put their lives on the line for the village. We will consist of the strongest shinobi Konoha has to offer and will always work together to become stronger. We are a pvp/rp/pve focused organization. It is up to us to protect The Hidden Leaf village and neighboring villages in the Land of Fire.
  15. Crab

    can't download

    Hello, if you are still having troubles please join our Discord at https://www.discord.gg/ShinobiStory and open a ticket so we can help troubleshoot.
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  18. High above The Land of Fire, a perfectly porcelain moon crept overhead the sleeping countryside. Dark fields of grass whispered and hissed as pairs of soundless feet passed through. Two figures could be made out, moving through the tall growth at breakneck speed - shinobi silhouettes. It was only when the one leading came to an abrupt halt, signalling the other to stop, they ceased their relentless approach. The second runner, a blonde Genin boy by the name of Aethelm, quickly caught up to his comrade in front. The foremost sentinel, Alther, lowered his mask, green eyes narrowed on the blackness ahead, an impassive hunter's watch developed from years of studying under Sensei Chookcha. After motioning to approach, Alther began to trudge into the void. Aethelm took a breath. 'Have we already reached The Forest of Death?', he pondered within his own mind. He dare not speak, for the mission bore too much secrecy. There was a soft jingle ahead - Alther's touch had found metal wire. After passing the gate, they delved deeper into the forest to find a growing light. The swamp gases bubbled and belched beneath their feet as they ran, but they paid no mind. Aethelm let out a stifled shout, "They're here.", but Alther's two tomoe were already scanning the figures ahead. Seven of them stood in robes of white with red streaks, each of their faces guarded by masks of the most trusted Leaf Operatives. Among them, Grim the Ubiquitous - an agent who had infiltrated the Brotherhood in its early days, his loyalty to The Leaf was proven through intelligence he gathered. Karu the Silver Tongued - serving diplomat to Alther's band of terrorists (formerly Chookcha's students), his loyalty was proven through enduring the rogue's company in meetings. Fuin of the Dojutsu - youngest, weakest, and all but prepared - Fuin had been forced into a life of rebellion when Lord First, Ushinawareta Sarutboi, had pardoned the woman who had killed his parents. Asura of the Waves - a pureblood Senju, an individual that carried a unique set of abilities, Asura was a hardline extremist hidden beneath a mild manner. Moody of the Foul Mouth - able to provoke any issue, this man was supposed to be the leader of The Hidden Leaf Village originally but he canNOT chill. Jomer of the Beats - initially a member of The Sound Village Invasion, Jomer honed his sharingan and resisted the rogue temptations. Matahachi Sarutobi - by happenstance, this rogue had woken up at four o'clock in the morning and found these kids about to kill a boss that the rogues would never let them kill during the day. He decided, in the most real moment, to not be cringe and to actually -help- us. Also worthy of mention, Aethelm the Unhinged - one of the youngest of the group, this blonde lightning specialist served as Alther's bodyguard and sensory specialist. His loyalty was assured with each victory. It was with this rag-tag team that Alther intended to carry out what only his Master had been able to accomplish. As provisions were dispersed, ANBU masks raised and hungry mouths fed, his watchful gaze never faded. After two weeks of planning, he had decided that the only time to strike would be at night, while the majority of rogue forces slept. The fable they sought was a basilisk - a scaled beast known to dwell in The Forest of Death. In this time the beast's power was pure, so great was it, that even an army of forty shinobi stood a chance of being slain just from the sight of its stone grey eye. For assuredly, some had accomplished the task of slaying basilisks - but not without an army. The fabled conquerors, Ko'taki Ryu and Akari Uchiha, had led a successful hunt of a sea serpent off the coast of Port Hachou, or so the farmers said. With fewer powerful shinobi defending The Hidden Leaf Village, if they could not succeed here, they would never be able to surpass Chookcha. This was the final barrier he had left in Alther, Asura and Moody's training. Chookcha's departure came to mind, only for a moment, all he would allow. Alther looked upon each of the faces assembled in that grove, unaware that this would be the last night he would spend with all of his friends together again.
  19. Hello Shinobi! Patch Notes: Goals and Outline: The Ox weapon is a dominant choice, nerfing it/redesigning it to give the more general defensive stat of stamina instead of specifically countering physical damage enables it as a defensive option against all players, while encouraging more offensive builds to seek offensive weapons instead of defaulting to Ox. Given the removal of the protection from the weapon, many of the more reliable sources of physical damage in the current meta game are being nerfed. In general, more reliable sources of damage game-wide are being nerfed slightly and less reliable sources of damage are being buffed slightly. DoT abilities nerfed slightly across the board to hit builds that combine multiple sources of dots harder than builds that just have a few dot spells. General Ox Weapon nerfed: -1500 protection, +150 stamina. Cost of T4 boosters purchased with honor reduced significantly to encourage bgs as a somewhat viable method of grinding skill points. Cost of T5 cards purchased with honor reduced significantly to encourage players to buy a full set of T5 before saving up for T7. General Techniques Sludge Bullet nerfed very slightly Simple Strike buffed slightly!!! Fire Ninjutsu Techniques Fireball dot component nerfed very slightly Phoenix Flower dot component nerfed very slightly Flame Dart initial damage buffed very slightly Earth Ninjutsu Techniques Earth Spike Explosion damage buffed Boulderfist Jutsu damage buffed very slightly Stone Shield damage component nerfed Water Ninjutsu Techniques Water Prison damage component nerfed Great Water Bullet damage buffed slightly Rising Geyser damage buffed slightly Wind Ninjutsu Techniques Windscythe Gale nerfed very slightly Swordsmanship Techniques Swordsmanship Slash nerfed significantly Final Glimmer of Evening Light buffed Guillotine Killing Technique buffed very slightly Medical Ninjutsu Techniques Envenomed Fang Strike nerfed slightly Poison Senbon nerfed slightly Sarutobi Clan Bloodline Burning Ash technique damage buffed slightly Shuriken Shadowclone buffed slightly Grand Ash Bomb damage nerfed very slightly Senju Clan Bloodline Deep Forest Emergence damage component nerfed slightly Uzumaki Clan Bloodline Seal of Torment nerfed slightly Five Elements Seal damage component buffed slightly Ice Combination Ninjutsu Techniques Glacial Barrage damage nerfed very slightly As always, please join our Discord to report any bugs or offer suggestions! Thanks for playing Shinobi Story!
  20. can you do one with the get the autograph story line? like where to find the sewer rat that he wants you to kill in order for him to sign the book?
  21. Shizuka

    Hoi Hoi

    Ohayo everyone, Some of you have already met me in-game as Tsushina, but ohayo to everyone else who hasn't met me yet, been enjoying the game so far, joined last year but didn't get around to doing an introduction yet so here we are 2023, I've been a gamer since I can hold a controller, been roleplaying since late 2005, and done other tidbits here and there (Writing etc)
  22. The Leaf Village is known to be a bit of a resource hog at the moment, but your fps should be more consistent outside of the village. This is one thing we are working to improve for the beta
  23. Hello, i have an RTX3080, but im getting 25-30FPS. the settings are on HIGH (tried low did not help). Resolution is set at 1920x1080. Any ideas why? How to boost the performance?
  24. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 50 - Direct Download Mirror Link - Gameplay & Content The Invasion of the Cloud is now the only battleground we have Bug Fixes It appears we had only spawned the weaker and insignificant version of Jashin boss. The actual Jashin boss has been spawned now All jutsu that previously say "Cannot miss" now will continue to miss randomly Miscellaneous Various emotes have been disabled for Mac users, including /dance, /smile and /thank 'Friend of Deserter Debuff' will now apply to those chatting with players under the effect of the Deserter Debuff. This has the same effect as the standard Deserter Debuff, except other players do not risk penalty when engaging in a conversation with you. "Unpoppable Toad Bubble" is now poppable with enough force Custom hairstyles have all been replaced with blood elf hair styles Females now have 2 additional bald hairstyles Yokohama Town has been destroyed in wake of a upcoming festival in advance of spring breakers Chakra Jump is now useable when channeling Ninja Travel Speed Mastery Resets are now free Mysterious Snake Book now has a use... Waifu Questline is now live - the first Waifu, Lily, is now available at Kaiho Point. Player Housing is now live - enter any house and pretend you own it! Jutsu & Balance General Techniques Shinobi Travel Speed A-Rank has been reverted to +80% movement speed Normal Travel Speed has been reduced to 25% movement speed Prismatic Chakra Shield now grants even more Jutsu Power when taking the Advanced Prismatic Chakra Shield passive Sexy Jutsu has been added, but only will be available if you are sexy IRL. Submit a ticket with a selfie for evaluation The Will to Endure now heals for 15%, up form 7% Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon Gate now is 200% larger. Chameleon Technique will now still be useable even while moving Weapon Technique: Sleeping Dart now has a 7% chance of making you sleepier IRL as well Fire Ninjutsu Techniques Phoenix Flower Jutsu has been buffed by 98% Earth Ninjutsu Techniques Earth's final jutsu pick now grants 5 extra jutsu, up from 2 Water Ninjutsu Techniques Water Prison Jutsu now comes with probation Due to the increased price of ammunition, Water Style: Great Water Bullet's cost is now doubled. Lightning Ninjutsu Techniques Chidori now works better if it is used against someone on your friends list, granting +117% additional damage Lightning Style: Lightning Lasso Jutsu now has a 200% increase in effectiveness on Yaks and Oxen Passive: Gathering Storms - If you gather too much storms, a bolt of lightning will just kill you Wind Ninjutsu Techniques Wind Style: Cutting Tornado Jutsu is back! Wind Style: Rasenshuriken will now damage the hand that casts it, preventing you from using jutsu for 2 weeks while you recover, making it similar to the show Due to the increased price of ammunition, Wind Style: Vaccume Bullet's cost is now doubled. Swordsmanship Techniques Sword: Demon From Hell has been renamed to "Demon from Heck" Dance of the Flocking Birds is now usable while moving Medical Ninjutsu Techniques Mystical Palm Technique's nerf has been reverted & buffed by 73% Medics have been renamed to "Pill Vending Machines" Genjutsu Techniques Wake up. You have been in a coma..... wake up Taijutsu Techniques Taijutsu: Gate of Wonder - Open! has been renamed to "I Wonder Why I Used This" ???? Hyuuga Clan Bloodline Byakugan now grants the ability to see behind player's clothes as per Affien's request Gentle Fist has been renamed for being too... sexual Uchiha Clan Bloodline Sharingan of various ranks are now stealable on death. If you lose both, the ability will be removed from you Sharingan Technique: Tsukoyomi now has a 2% chance to put the victim in an Infinite Tsukoyomi, locking their character in an endless loop, then their client crashes Sarutobi Clan Bloodline As a result of excessive smoking from this clan, FDA warnings have been printed on [Pack of Smokes] Sarutobi Clan members have been banned from smoking indoors in The Leaf Village, as a result of new legislation Senju Clan Bloodline All Wood Style jutsu can now only be used outside out of respect for homeowners Uzumaki Clan Bloodline As a result of a massive whirlpool, most members of this clan have been killed. Our apologies Ice Combination Ninjutsu Techniques As the northern hemisphere moves into spring, all Ice Ninjutsu damage has been decreased by 65% for the next 6 months Lava Combination Ninjutsu Techniques As the northern hemisphere moves into spring, all Lava Ninjutsu damage has been increased by 65% for the next 6 months Randomly, the ground beneath you will erupt, simulating IRL lava situations & Many, many other changes that were either forgotten, unlisted, or that we considered to be too minor - Please run your launchers to play the update! Thank you so much for playing!
  25. No problem at all, we hope you enjoy the game! Feel free to join our Discord for (typically) more immediate support https://www.discord.gg/ShinobiStory
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