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  5. Hi, can you please open a ticket in our Discord (discord.gg/shinobistory)? We will run through some troubleshooting to get you in-game asap
  6. Hello, there currently are no know compatibility issues with Windows 11. Can you open a ticket in our Discord (discord.gg/shinobistory) for assistance?
  7. I tried too but that doesn't work
  8. I just downloaded the game and when I try to launch it, this is what pops up on my screen. I'm currently using wondows 11, could that be the issue?
  9. I joined the party late, but 2022 was still a blast with Drop constantly tickling me and showing off his giant P...upper. 2022 also had down times. Here's me beneath the map after a very dynamic entry on an unsuspecting bee. The long plummet down really gives you the time to rethink your life choices and humbles you. Reminded me that no matter how aggressive a bee is, violence never is the answer. I don't have a lot of photos but I do intend to take more for 2023! Here's to more dynamic entries to the underworld and extra large companions to love and tickle!
  10. In the first image, you can notice a few newbies making their way through the dangerous shinobi world. In the second one, you can see a shinobi trying to leave his mark in the Shinobi World.
  11. *Convesation i had with a clan member as to a suggestion about the puppet master fighting mastery* Me : Is there like a Puppet master system version in WoW that can be implemented in the game? Clan member: I suppose it might go something like either summoning a pet, then putting the caster in stealth mode and to keep playing as the summoned puppet, something similiar to eye of the beast hunter spell or eye of kilrog warlock spell. Or it might be more of a regular pet class with micro managing the pet abilities while keeping control of the player character. Problem with 1st one would be how it would go with other masteries, they'd basically go to waste if you don't use your character. Either way, looking forward to how they implement it Me: I thought about it because ive been running around towns and i kept on seeing npc's with the title "puppet master" under their name Me: Basically what i had in mind is that your masteries and skill set can still be used by the puppet depending on what mastery you chose, if its taijutsu, kenjustu, fire lightning, except for the bloodlines. Something like what kakuzu's hearts can do. your puppet can use your other masteries as well. Question is why have a puppet if they will do the same thing you can already do with your character?, well like the benefit is YOU the character won't be killed in the game and you can basically hide anywhere with like what you said in stealth mode but there has to be a range on how far your puppet can go so it wont be broken as hell. Its like having another character with you but its a puppet, as well as when you are in puppet mode of course you cant move your actual character and will be in stealth mode Plus if your puppet gets destroyed then you will be stunned briefly and cant summon the pet for a good amount of time. High risk, high reward. I also think that by having a puppet, in order to balance things out, your character itself will be useless loosing 90 percent of your damage like how it is when you die in the game right now when you cant find your body. And the supposed damage you give out will be converted and given by the puppet X2, because if they get destroyed you are basically useless in battle which will make the puppet fighting style really challenging. something like that, so that YOU are really compelled to use your puppet instead of fighting yourself.
  12. After 4 months of committed work, Wado finally acquired. Great Tournament Race 1st place finish 4 in 1 Vaga, Kama, Raido, MM attempt(failed); the hardest encounter up to that date.
  13. Some old Akamichi grill RP from really early into the summer. Celebrating Team 10.5's Karatachi's first Jonin! Sending off Meme Tornado just before the Jonin patch. Farewell, this stupid ability served me well. Some general silliness Promoting to Chunin in the Game's first Chunin Exams!
  14. Tournament WinDaga solo strats biggest secret ever
  15. Ninja, It is with great pleasure and excitement that I sit down today and calculate all of our new landmarks from 2022. Our game and community really took off this year, and we have made so many advancements that our game is unrecognizable from 2021. Our team, our developers, and all of those who supported us have worked extremely diligently to bring us here. I would like to first take some time to thank them for all they have done. Next, I would like to thank all of those who have supported us in their purchases. You have made it possible for us to develop the game, to keep working on it, and to keep the lights on month after month. We are truly humbled by your generosity and willingness to support a growing project. Thank you! Now, let's get into the numbers... Total /played time of all players combined: 191,789.1 Hours = 7991.21 Days = 262.72 Months = 21.893 YEARS Characters Made: 10,292 Most Played Characters: Kagari Nana Namikazyuki Total RYO in Circulation: 562,706.19 RYO Richest Players: Lashaka Alt Thida Total Player Kills: 140,345 Top Player Killers: Kotaki Nana Woody Total Honor Points: 6,523,341 Top 3 Arena Teams: noprofanity - 2142 Cheeseburger - 2123 I love roblox - 1745 Total Mastery Picks: fire 782 uchiha 687 lightning 519 medical 512 water 392 taijutsu 379 hyuuga 363 wind 255 Kenjutsu 242 senju 238 genjutsu 230 earth 192 sarutobi 123 uzumaki 114 lava 15 ice 15 Total General Points Resets: 690 Total Lv 60s: 252 Total Lvs 41-59: 107 Total Lv 40s: 37 Total Lvs 30 - 39: 135 Total Lvs 20 - 29: 434 Total Lvs 10 - 19: 1442 Total Mail Received: 1,985 Total Stat Points: 198,063 Total Organizations: 52 Total Tickets Answered: 3143 HUGE Thanks to our Community Support Team for ALWAYS helping people when they need it! To join the ranks of the Player Moderators, please APPLY HERE! Post your most memorable screenshots from 2022
  16. Enjoying the game so far, but the only thing that bothers me is the movement.. i dont know about you guys, but it does not feel like being a ninja when jumping around, and when you use chakra jump mid air you do a hard stop when you land before you can run again etc.. would love smooth turns and jumps when steering your character Love the game btw, its just a feedback :D
  17. I tried but still get the same error
  18. Hi, Please run your Launcher.exe. This will solve this issue, because it seems like you do not have all the files properly downloaded. Enjoy!
  19. Hi, please run your launcher! ^^
  20. Hey, if you click "getting started" on the launcher it will take you to a gameplay guide!
  21. when I enter the game, the login screen does not appear what should I do
  22. These are the maps I made for Konoha Village.
  23. Hi when i have launch the game with my character, in the loading i have this and i can't play.
  24. Ice Cold Embrace of Winter (t3 passive) - The cooldown reduction and range increase feel incredibly minor. I've tried it, didn't like it, now I don't run it and I don't miss it at all. Frozen Senbon Strike - Deals too little damage. Could maybe have the passive stacks from Cold Embrace of Winter increase Frozen Senbon damage instead, then it would make for an actually good jutsu to have on Ice's PvE rotation. Permafrost - Feels perfect for what it is. Quite strong against those that choose to not chakra jump out of it. Flash Freeze - Very useful ability for Ice. Flash Freeze will let you land skillshots when your stuns are on cooldown. The damage on this is sneakily high and it's completely viable to just ignore the fact that this is supposed to be a CC jutsu and use it purely for damage. Crystal Ice Mirror - Even without the Cold Embrace of Winter passive the TP range does not feel too small and the baseline range is enough to live comfortably provided you remember to not stray excessively far. Absolute Zero - Admittedly, this jutsu is overpowered relative to others. The cooldown is quite short, but it also feels like Ice lives or dies by this ability; to be able to stunlock and burst on short timers is sort of Ice's calling call. Great Glacial Barrage - It goes hand in hand with Absolute Zero along with Windscythe Gale all sharing similar cooldowns to make up Ice's bread and butter burst combo and it feels incredibly satisfying to hit. Crystal Mirror Dome - An ultimate that feels like an ultimate and the epitome of Ice's damage capabilities. Nothing has been more satisfying and more fulfilling in PvP than hitting multi-man Domes and having a rapid-fire of numbers fill your screen. It's a very strong jutsu and the cast time provides many avenues of escape, making it seem more fair. In my opinion, Ice feels very well designed and fun to play. There's always a button that can be pressed, which can be overwhelming at first, but hours of time spent with the build will only inspire more creativity with how you use each of its jutsu. Overall, Ice beautifully ties in Wind and Water jutsu together into a cohesive toolkit with a hit-and-run, CC heavy, glass cannon style that is synonymous with Rogue gameplay from WoW. Water Flooding Water/Deepsea Rupture - The real hitbox is about half the size it shows it to be visually. Making them smaller by matching the hitbox could also help with FPS issues. Rising Geyser - Water's main filler ability. Wish it could be used without the restrictive target requirement. Giving this a minor range buff could also help alleviate clunkiness while trying to aim for something at max range. Aqua Prison - *chef's kiss* Quite literally single-handedly carried Water for many, many patches now. Great Waterbullet - Currently lies in the backburner of water's box of tools due to its low damage. The cast time feels fine, but the slow could afford to be stronger. Visually, it looks great but it also looks like it should pack a bigger punch. Water Dragon - Water's trademark. Still has the issue of the DoT aspect of Water Dragon not applying on targets that are suffering from hard CC. Wind Slicing Tempest - Not to be confused with its more popular and better looking sibling, 'Slicing Wind'. Slicing Tempest has the shortest cooldown out of all of Wind's abilities which makes you feel like it will be the star of the show, but no. It doesn't provide any fancy buffs or debuffs, and with a cast time that feels like forever, it doesn't even bring notable damage to the table. Reducing the cast time would only make this jutsu go from unusable to barely usable so what it really needs is a buff to damage. Gale Palm - Recent cooldown buffs were exactly what it needed. Good change. Earth Earth Spike Explosion - There comes a time in every young earth chuunin's life when Earth Spike Explosion is useful, but that time passes by fast because it scales incredibly poorly. It's clunky to use, the cast time is too slow, and the damage is too little. If it were up to me, it would be reworked into Earth's own version of Rising Geyser; a ground-aimed AoE with knockup. After all ain't it a little odd that Earth can't throw rocks yet? Rock Barrier - Sadly over-nerfed. Has the same cooldown as Susanoo Shield yet nowhere near as strong. Two seconds shorter, can't be used in hard CC, has a cast time. There's really no comparison in power between the two. It used to be a fantastic AoE grinding jutsu to group mobs together before grounding them up, but now it's too often on cooldown to be of much use. It deserves only a minute long cooldown at most. Earth could benefit a lot from having a general tech that reduces its jutsu cooldowns by 10 seconds similar to Poison and Genjutsu. Hyuuga Air Palm - Hyuuga's only gap closer got bitch slapped with a huge cooldown nerf and is now in the running for Shinobi Story's worst jutsu. It deals unremarkable damage, and the stun lasts merely a single second. Air Palm used to be a staple ability for Hyuuga's breaker-palm combo and their most reliable interrupt for pesky medical shinobi, but after several consecutive nerfs it is left in the sad state that it's in now. I feel the nerfs to Air Palm should be reigned in a bit, perhaps by increasing the stun duration to two seconds so that it can be worked in as a solid gap closer again; it's the least Palm should be able to do for its 45 second cooldown. Byakugan Farsight Technique - Fulfill the Hyuuga rp fantasy of being able to see hundreds of meters away by changing this spell to be similar to WoW's Eagle Eye. Or at the very least, buff the duration of the current Farsight. Thanks. Overall, Hyuuga has received some respectable nerfs but that hasn't stopped it from being a decent support mastery that can be plugged into nearly any melee build Left Kenjutsu Dance of the Flocking Birds - The damage is a bit low but more power can be put into the rest of the kit to balance it out. Samurai Swordsmanship Style - Surprisingly potent due to lasting 10 seconds and a short cooldown is always a plus. Swordsmanship Slashing Strike - The slight buff to damage was much needed and the new general techs add some good flavor to the stock Kenjutsu slashes for both trees. Heavenly Strike of Autumn - It's no secret that subsequent patch changes has drained out all the damage from Left Ken like pre-nerf Heavenly Strike used to drain chakra. Post nerf, Heavenly Strike is not even draining enough chakra to be a threat anymore and the same could be said for its damage. The armor reduction debuff sounds good in theory, but in Shinobi Story's current low-medium armor culture, a 4% armor reduction debuff per stack leaves much to be desired. In addition to that, a big caveat with Heavenly Strike is that it's surprisingly difficult to get 5 stacks of the armor penetration debuff on a target, even more so if you have to switch targets at any point. If the armor penetration was a bit higher, like 15-20% per stack, the damage boost from 5 stacks would be significant and I could see it start to tie into Left Ken's new identity as a bruiser-type mastery that is viable for both PvE and PvP. Think of it like a Samurai being able to bring anyone down to size by wearing someone down with cuts to the body over the course of a long fight. Final Glimmer of Evening Light - Damage is kind of low now, but fine enough. A crit with this will still certainly live up to its name. Soul of the Swordsman - Probably too strong for its own good. The toxic relationship Soul has with how effectively it works with other masteries means the rest of the kit will take a hit if paired with over-performing masteries.
  25. Ninja, There is a mission I must ask of you - we must spread the word to new players! Imagine if our ninja world had 200 active players, nonstop Battlegrounds, Raiding Orgs, Multiple Villages, and many more people to befriend... this can all be possible if we join together this holiday season to spread our love for our game & community in a special Video Trailer Contest! CHOOSE THE NEXT MASTERY 1x Amazon Gift card ($250) 1x KEHASUK Collector's Edition NARUTO Chibi Poster [18x24 in.] 3000x Gold Koban 1x Amazon Gift card ($50) 1x KEHASUK Collector's Edition Dragonball Z Chibi Poster [18x24 in.] 3000x Gold Koban 1x Hunter-Nin Complete Set 3000x Gold Koban 2x Pet Tokens - DEADLINE: FEB 1, 2023 - RULES: 5 entries accepted per submitter, meaning players can submit ap to 5 videos for entry maximum. The video must be about Shinobi Story & ideally act as a trailer or advertisement to help new players discover and try us out. The videos with the top 3 viewcounts will be deemed the winners, or if production quality is extremely astounding, then viewcount may be outranked. Entries cannot be Shorts, and must be at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. The videos must not contain profanity, because they will be cross-posted on the main Youtube channel for the game and put into a public playlist. This could really help us bring some new friends to our game and community, and I am excited and hopeful we can really being 2023 with a bang! TO ENTER: Paste your video here Thank you for your support and encouragment, Vlad & Shinobi Story
  26. Anyone able to give like a guide on how to level up quickly or something like that? ive been told from 10-25 to go kill robbers or something like that but idk where they are or anything like that so if anyone has any help on how to level it would be appreciated i just want more buttons so i can be better in pvp
  27. Bug Name: Quest Npc Model Replacement Brief Description: If you click on a quest when you are targeting another npc, the model is gonna change to that of the target Reproduction steps: Talk to the npc, change target, click on the quest. Additional info: It's funny to have master splinter give me a quest Pictures:
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